Royal Carribean Slots

Royal Caribbean is a classic slot game that’s themed after a monarchy. It doesn’t have much to do with the Caribbean other than including some symbols that relate to sailing, but the game offers some exciting payouts and it’s simple in design, which appeals to many players out there today.

Basic Betting

Betting on Royal Caribbean slots is a simple affair with just a single payline and one to three coins to risk at a time. Coin values can be set from a minimum amount of $.01 up to a maximum of $10.00. This range is comfortable for most players, though high rollers may be disappointed with the top end bet amount. You can bet as much as $30.00 if you put three coins on the center payline, and that gives you the ability to win the largest jackpots possible with this slot game.

No Special Features

Royal Caribbean is a traditional classic slot game in the sense that there are no special features for you to think about. What you see is what you get with the pay table up above the play area. The top bonus that you can win pays out the same amount of coins every single time. All the prizes are fixed with this slot game, and you can win a decent amount of cash with enough luck.

High Fixed Jackpots

It’s possible for lucky players to profit with as much as $16,000 from a single spin of this classic slot game. That’s because the explorer symbol pays out as much as 1600 coins if you get three of them all on the central pay line. When you have coin values set all the way up to $10 each, that means you can win up to $16,000 by getting very lucky.

Bet Max and Autoplay

To make this classic slot even easier to play through, a couple of basic features are added into the game setup to help you out. There’s an autoplay feature that lets you set the slot to spin a predetermined number of times without you pressing the spin button. You can choose a large number of auto spins as long as you have the money in your account to cover all the bet cost. For players that want to risk the highest amount of money possible while playing Royal Caribbean, the max bet button quickly lets you bet the full $30 per spin. Press it to really raise the stakes of this slot game.

Royal Caribbean sounds like an exotic vacation or a beach-themed slot game, but it’s more about monarchy and royalty than anything else. It’s not very exciting to look at, and doesn’t offer many features, but it’s easy to learn and pays out good solid jackpots to the lucky players that win. For many people, that’s more than enough.