Wheel of Chance 3 Reel Slots

Wheel of Chance 3 Reel Slots has 3 reels, 1 pay line, and 19 winning combinations. This is a great slot to play as it is very easy to understand and the maximum jackpot gives out 2400 coins in rewards. This classic machine has traditional symbols and most players will relate to them. In this game there are cherries, diamonds, bars and sevens. All the usual classical symbols are here and while this slot adheres to the fundamentals of traditional games, there is also something a bit different.

While most classic slots offer very little in the way of bonus features, Wheel of Chance 3 Reels Slots provides players with that extra bang for their back courtesy of multiplier wilds and a special prize when bonus game. This makes the game very exciting to play. As soon as you see the wild symbol represented by the diamond you will receive the chance to double or even quadruple your winning combinations. Players need to decide whether they want to wager one, two or three coins before each spin and how much those coins will be worth from a range of 1 cent to $10.

This game feature a three-tiered pay table with the highest rewards reserved for players who opt to play for the maximum number of coins. If they do this, apart from being eligible for the slot’s top jackpot of 2,400 coins,they will also benefit from some pay out options and have access to the game’s bonus feature, where a maximum win of 1,000 x their bet is up for grabs. If you are in search of excitement, you can always play the bonus round. Classic games such as this one are very popular as they are always easy for playing and the welcome bonuses along with other special promotions will make the process even more attractive.

You can win regular pay outs in Wheel of Chance 3 Reels Slots and these range from 4 coins for hitting one cherry anywhere on the central row to 160 coins for lining up three red sevens, with any Bar combination also paying out. The traditional combination of the cherries, bars, red sevens, and diamonds will encourage players to play this game as they are playing a game that is known and so they feel that they are in a safe atmosphere. They are not forging out into the unknown and so feel confident when playing this game.

The only stand out symbol in this game is the Wheel of Chance bonus icon, with a similar design also being displayed as the backdrop to the game’s reels. To make things feel more comforting and safer for players the sound effects used in the game are identical to the ones that feature on classic slot machines. Players will have access to a special bonus feature that elevates the Wheel of Chance above the standard retro slot fare with the maximum of three coins enabled. This is activated whenever a bonus game symbol appears on the third reel and will transport players to a new screen where they will be able to spin the Wheel of Chance and try to win a maximum cash prize of 1,000 x their total bet.

To start playing this game, press the Spin button and the game will start playing. This is the manual mode and you can switch to automatic mode by pressing the Auto Play button. If the wheel stops on a prize amount, players can choose to collect their prize or else they can spin again, with their current amount being removed from the board and replaced with a blank space that ends the feature. As you advance, each subsequent spin will make winning a prize less likely. Prizes in the bonus game range from 5 x your bet to 1000 x your bet and therefore you will have to make a judgemental decision whether or not it is worth continuing but since the more valuable prize spaces are a lot smaller than the rest, it is best to hedge your bets and collect any reasonable wins.

Time to start playing your favourite game today. Stay safe and feel secure in what you know and enjoy the classic symbols of cherries, red sevens, bars and diamonds. This game is even more appealing because you can win even more prizes from your own winnings. Win big in Wheel of Chance 3 Reels Slots. Remember that you can spin the wheel and win the amount that the wheel lands on and then you can choose not to accept the first amount and spin again. If you do not accept the first prize amount, four bankrupts are then added to the wheel. Then spin again and see the amount you have won. With so many chances at winning, chances are that you will emerge a winner from this game!