Triple Triple Gold Slots

Triple Triple Gold Slots is the bigger and tougher brother of its predecessor – Triple Gold Slots. This game offers three times as much fun as Triple Gold Slots. Its multiplier and wilds offer hug rewards and astronomical pay outs. The game before offered 3x and 9x multipliers for single and double wild substitutions respectively whereas Triple Triple Gold now magnifiers these numbers to 9x and 81x.

This game is almost identical to its predecessor because the rules and functions are exactly the same. Also this game features 3 reels and a single pay line, with players are able to select from between 1 and 3 coins and bet sizes ranging from $0.10-$10. This means the game is playable from anywhere between $0.10 and $30 per spin.

As with Triple Gold, you should play Triple Triple Gold with the maximum 3 coins selected, as this will grant you the biggest possible jackpot ever. With 3 coins active, players can get their hands on a maximum jackpot of 15,000 coins (5,000x the max stake) and a host of smaller pay outs that start at 2x your bet for a single cherry and grow up to 60x for three lucky seven icons.

Somewhat unusually, Triple Triple Gold’s incredibly generous multipliers also mean that the second tier jackpot is incredibly close to the slot’s maximum prize award. As you’re receiving 180 coins for matching three of the aforementioned lucky seven symbols, should you do so using two substitute wilds, your 81x prize multiplier will result in a pay out of 14,580 – virtually a jackpot prize in itself.

Practically everything in Triple Triple Gold Slots is almost the same as it was in Triple Slots although the visuals have been refreshed and the graphics look newer and more vibrant and also a new wild has been added which makes a big difference to the game. The retro symbols are the same and the symbols on the reels are the same. The cherries, single and double Bar logos and lucky sevens are there to denote the regular pay out icons.

Triple Triple Gold Slots has a different look than the original, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Triple Triple Gold Slots uses a mesmerising blue background that serves to make you feel relaxed. The logo banner on top of the screen looks great, crisp, clean, and detailed enough to give you a glimpse into what this game is all about. However, Triple Triple Gold Slots still remains classic at heart. You can see the symbols that pay homage to classic casino slots, such as the watermelons, oranges, bells, lemons, cherries, blueberries and sevens. Classic yet digitally refined, Triple Triple Chance presents the perfect visual blend.

This game is very appealing because of substitute wild icons which offer a 9x multiplier when one features and a massive 81x when two are present in a win. So set your bet with either the buttons at the bottom right of the screen or the “Max Bet” button which is located under the reels. If you want to keep track of your winnings, this game allows you to do that with display locate to the bottom of the screen. Overall, the layout and control system of Triple Triple Chance is both simple and efficient.

Triple Triple Chance is certainly fun to play for a whole multitude of different reasons. You will be playing a three-reel slot with five pay-lines and when you win, you will still have the option of two different “Gamble” games, that being the ladder or card options. Each of these games brings its own special thrill, something that is certainly not be missed out on. The re-spin in this game which actives when you have a full pay line of the same symbol. Instead of having three opportunities for re-spins like in Triple Chance, in this game you will have nine chances. As always, you will double up again and again as long as you continue to land on the green side of the wheel. The more you win on the re-spins, the more the red spaces start to take over. Overall, this makes the game that much more rewarding and that much more fun. The action is fast and furious, while you will love the ringing tunes that play overhead when you win.

You will have a ball playing this game because it offers very generous pay outs. Although the fundamentals of the game are virtually identical to the original Triple Gold, Triple Triple Gold’s superior pay outs make it a much-improved version of the classic slot. You can expect a far more generous pay table than before with prizes beyond your imagination when playing this game. So what are you waiting for? Start playing Triple Triple Gold Slots today and win triple triple rewards today!